Self-Employed Mortgage Programs

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Journey Home Lending's Parker, Colorado Self-Employed Mortgage Programs

If you’re the owner of the business or an independent contractor getting approved for a mortgage means you need to work with a  mortgage broker that has strong expertise in this area. At Journey Home Lending you benefit from working with our President, Rod Shuster, who has 30+ years of experience and is a CPA!

Here’s an overview of the basic requirements of our programs:

1. Length of self-employment:
Your most recent tax return needs to show that you have been self-employed during the most recent 12 months. Plus, if your most recent tax return shows a higher net income than the previous year, we have a great solution.

2. How to show more income:
Your net profit on the loan application can be higher if you have specific expenses?

  A. What we can add back to your net profit to help qualify.Depreciation

  B. One-time non-recurring expenses

  C. The home office deduction

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